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Our thrive is to make your international calling experience more convenient than ever before.

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Popular Destination Rates:
BD Falg Bangladesh 4.39c

Pinless dialing

Register your numbers and start calling without punching hard-to-remember PIN number.

Minute rounding

1 minute billing. Pay only for the minutes you use - NO connection fees or NO hidden charges.

Member's Security is top priority

Your sensitive information is encrypted by SSL technology and RingTel Pinless does not store any part of your credit card information.

Refer-A-Friend Reward Program

Refer us to your friend and earn $2.00 credit for each referral.
International calls from your land and mobile phones...
Step up and say NO to subscriptions, contract, downloads and equipments !

Direct/Hot Number

Unlimited Hot numbers dialing, which means having US phone numbers for international numbers. Just dial that number from your cell phone address book to get connected directly.

Speed Dial

Unlimited SPEED dial for phone numbers you call most frequently.

Call Forwarding

Forward your call to coming to your US phone to overseas phone while you are travelling.
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